Tuesday, 8 April 2014

Classroom taught health and safety training will broaden career horizons

Health and safety courses within schools can generate a new interest which can be pursued in their education. As well as promoting education, it also provides beneficial skills that are extremely valuable to you students’ lives and will broaden their future career horizons. Here at Act Associates, we have a distinct range of courses available for the classroom which are accredited by NEBOSH, IOSH training, IAS, IEMA, ECITB and much more! When it comes to health and safety courses it doesn’t get better than that! Once they are accredited with one of these courses, or complete a diploma, this will really enhance their career possibilities and will leave a positive impression on future employees.
You can rest assure that your pupils will be trained by professionals that have been endorsed by the relevant awarding bodies for such courses. Classroom taught training gives us the opportunity to interact and engage students, to share our passion for these important courses. This is the best way for your pupils to learn, receiving face to face training. They can share their input, raise questions, and work as a team to facilitate their learning. This is much more likely to create interest surrounding the topics and encourage them to achieve the highly respected and widely recognised Nebosh diploma.
Our classroom courses can be tailored towards your schools specific preferences and requirements. Whether it’s a one day course covering essential skills such as risk assessment, or the NEBOSH diploma, we will share our experiences and knowledge with your students in order to inspire their future. Our courses can build your students up to the well-recognised NEBOSH certificate. This is an essential minimum that would be required for future full-time health and safety jobs. Once students advance to the NEBOSH diploma, this opens the doors to many more career opportunities. This is required for health and safety managerial jobs, so once achieved, is a very valuable tool!
These courses and qualifications provide students with an idea of what a career in the health and safety world would require and expect from them. It will really strengthen their future job possibilities as they will be able to demonstrate they are keen to learn and adapt. The certificates also reflect valuable personal skills and attributes, making them more employable. This is by virtue of showing this person is willing to go the extra mile and they can handle challenging situations.
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