Thursday, 1 August 2013

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Learning Objectives Made Easy with This Simple Tip
If you’re required to list the learning objectives it doesn’t necessarily mean they have to be presented as a list. You’ve probably seen those websites where there’s a top image and underneath it are some buttons to reveal additional images. Why not create something similar for the learning objectives of your elearning course? Instead of listing all of the objectives as bullet points, create a single objective on each screen. Then add a button that allows the person to navigate through the objectives. It satisfies listing the objectives, but it doesn’t force them to a bullet point list

How I would approach creating compliance e-learning
Last week I reported on Towards Maturity's latest study, Reinvigorating Compliance Training. The study showed clearly what a hole we have got ourselves into with e-learning compliance training. More often than not management is coming to us with a requirement for a simple tell-and-test programme that does little more than tick boxes, and it seems that we are only too keen to oblige. In the process we risk irreparable damage to our status as professional designers and perpetuate management's perception that we are mere order takers. It's easy to criticise, much harder to put forward a solution. However, I like a challenge; so, it falls to me to put my reputation on the line by suggesting how I would approach a request for compliance e-learning. I'm going to assume that I've already explored the alternatives and that e-learning stands a reasonable chance of influencing the outcome. So what would I do?

Compliance - e-learning's greatest friend and worst enemy

Universally, lack of employee engagement emerged as the biggest barrier to effectiveness – and is linked strongly to the poor reputation of compliance e-learning. Ask yourself what efforts you are currently making to really engage your audience and make it relevant to them. If you are subjecting your employees to ‘death by PowerPoint’, rolling out the same content year after year to everyone regardless of their job role or risk profile, blinding the learner with irrelevant detail about what the law says rather than what it means to them or failing to engage your line managers in the process, then the chances are you are potentially turning off the very people whose buy-in you need to effectively mitigate your compliance risks.

Online CE and Training Leader RedVector Named 2013 Honoree for the Best of Elearning! Awards

RedVector is being recognized for its premier online training and compliance solution, which delivers, facilitates, and tracks online learning programs targeted to the needs of design and construction professionals and provides comprehensive license management capabilities to ensure compliance with certification requirements.
"This is really something special," says RedVector CEO Tom Wallace. "Knowing that this honour comes directly from our clients who voted for us means we’re really doing something right. Our goal at RedVector has always been to provide the highest-quality online training and education solutions to help industry professionals expand their knowledge and stay compliant, and we will continue to look for new and engaging ways to not only meet but exceed their needs." Offers IT Training and E-Learning Facility

A number of IT e-Learning courses from all over the world are offered through this website. Individual students can also learn IT courses online. Networking and Server courses are also offered, which cover the topics, general IT knowledge, network technologies and operating systems. features a link named Course Catalogue, which includes IT eLearning courses like Microsoft, Linux, Cisco, IT Security and Comp TIA under the title Server and Networking, Java, Programming languages and Microsoft .Net under Software Development, Oracle and Microsoft SQL Server under Databases and finally SAP, Google and Microsoft Office under Desktop and Office. IT training on project management courses covers certain specific methodologies like PMBoK, Prince2 and ITIL.

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