Friday, 15 February 2013

Revision tips for NEBOSH exams

You should recognise the knowledge that you already possess that is relevant to the NEBOSH syllabus. Don't underestimate the importance of this.
But, it is never too early to start revising!
Throughout your course you should have been thinking about this and noting the topics that you are finding it difficult to deal with.
·         Simply reading the publication or course notes repeatedly will not normally help you to remember the information, from the start of your study revisit each days study and abstract (handwritten preferred) the essence of the subject.

·         This process will ensure greater retention and recall because we remember better that which we do, rather than that which we have just read. This process will identify any ambiguity you might have, early in the study period and enable you to seek clarity from your tutor before training is complete
·         As the course progresses, condense the information you have abstracted on to revision cards. This is a revision technique in itself. It means that you can carry a lot of information with you and read them in a spare moment.
Other techniques, which you may consider worth trying include: mind maps, key words and mnemonics.

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